Red Wine Selection

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Glass Bottle
Canyon Oaks Merlot
Fresh and fruity with flavors of berry and cherry.

6.00 20.00

Pedroncelli Benchland Merlot
Complex wine with intense blackberry, blueberry and cherry.

6.50 24.00
Cuve Ste. Clare Pinot Noir
Ruby red, dry, full-bodied, mellow. This French wine pairs with pasta, red meat, white meat and fish.
6.50 24.00
Ramsay Estate Pinot Noir
Intense and complex with fruit and long crisp finish.
Pedroncelli Sangiovese
Full flavored and balanced with flavors of berry, cherry and black pepper.
6.50 24.00
Canyon Oaks Shiraz
Spicy and fruity with flavors of berry, vanilla and spice.
6.00 20.00
Ponte Vecchio Chianti
Great balance with flavors of cherry and spice.
6.00 20.00
All natural flavors of orange, lemon and lime give our Sangria a bit of sweetness and acid.
6.50 24.00
Peirano Old Vine Zinfandel
Subtle aromas of this wine combine red and black cherry.
6.75 25.00
Dry Creek Heritage Zinfandel
Fruity and spicy with flavors of blackberry, vanilla and cassis.
6.75 25.00
Canton Oaks Cabernet
Richly flavored with black cherry, currant and mint.
6.00 20.00
Dry Creek Cabernet
Bold and complex with intense flavors of berry and vanilla.
Ca'De Medici Lambrusco Rosso
Bold and complex with intense flavors of berry and vanilla.
6.00 20.00
Dry Creek Mariner
A luscious blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot.